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webauthtest.h File Reference

Detailed Description

webauth test harness macros

this file contains some simple macros to emulate Perl's test harness. FIXME: should move this to libwebauth or common so other C tests can use it.

webauthtest.h 1310 2002-10-14 17:39:33Z schemers

Definition in file webauthtest.h.

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#define END_TESTS
#define NUM_FAILED_TESTS   (_webauth_test_fail)
#define NUM_PASSED_TESTS   (_webauth_test_num - _webauth_test_fail)
#define START_TESTS(num)
#define TEST_OK(x)
#define TEST_OK2(x, y)
#define TEST_VARS
#define TOT_NUM_TESTS   (_webauth_test_tot)

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